November 15, 2010

Welcome Back! November 15th-21st

Here's some problems for you to keep practicing.

Check out the new links to investigate some more about prime numbers.

1. Mr. Jones wants to have a party to celebrate the 34th birthday of his wife. He wants to buy enough beverages and food for everybody. A case of soda serves for 9 people and costs 15 dollars and a bag of chips serves for 11 people and costs 7 dollars. He plans to invite 282 people. How many cases of soda and bags of chips does he need? How much money is he going to spend altogether?

2. Remember how to find the first 100 prime numbers? Really?

Use a blank piece of paper to do it and then compare with a list of prime numbers (Classroom). How much time did you spend doing this?

3. A problem created by one of your classmates:

Shane has 6 boxes, each box has 10 bags, each bag has 19 candies, how many candies does Shane have? and if he wants to share the candies to 15 of his friends how many candies will each friend get? does Shane have 1 candie for mom and 1 candie for dad?