April 13, 2011

This Week's Word Problems

1. The school cafeteria has 18 round tables and 6 rectangular tables. Each round table has 9 chairs, and each rectangular table has 8 chairs. How many chairs are there in all?
2. In a group of 77 students 12 are not wearing the uniform. What fraction of the group is not wearing the uniform?

3. Sue is going to make a chocolate cake. she spent 1/3 of her money on the ingredients and 1/6 on transportation. How much money did she spend and what fraction of money does she have left?

4. A pizza is cut into 24 pieces. Ralph takes 1/4 of the pizza and Silvia takes 1/6 of what is left. How many slices of pizza are left?

5. Ron is 18 years old and his dog is 2/3 of her age. How old is the dog?