February 17, 2011

Autonomous Work (April 4th -11th)!

Hi there,

Here you have some problems to solve during the week. I will publish the answers in the weekend.

1)  Linda is 24 years old and her cat is 3/4 of her age. How old is the cat?     

Linda's cat is 18 years old. 

2) Josie spends 1/5 of her salary in rent and 2/7 in food. What fractions remains? 
The fractions that remains for Josie is 18/35.

3) A pizza is cut into 12 pieces. Ralph takes 1/2 of the pizza and Silvia takes 1/3 of what is left. How many slices of pizza are left?
There are 2 slices of Pizza left.

4) Debra went to the store 17 times last month. She buys 107 stickers each time she goes to the store. How many stickers did Debra buy last month?
Debra bought 1819 stickers last month.

5)  Wanda has 36 boxes of apples. Each box holds 24 apples and there are 9 boxes in a case. If Wanda wants to equally distribute the apples in 12 of her friends. How many will each one receive?
Each of Wanda's friends will receive 72 apples

See you in class!

Remember we need volunteers to post the correct processes for each problem.

Have fun!