September 27, 2010

New Word Problems (Sep. 27th - Oct. 1st)

1. Debra went to the store 17 times last month. She buys 107 stickers each time she goes to the store. How many stickers did Debra buy last month?

2. Wanda has 36 boxes of apples. Each box holds 24 apples and there are 9 boxes in a case. If Wanda wants to equally distribute the apples in 12 of her friends. How many will each one receive?

3. Linda went to the store 8 times last month. She buys 93 bananas and 12 erasers each time she goes to the store. She wants to equally give all her bananas to 24 different organizations. How many will each organization receive?

4. The school cafeteria has 11 round tables and 2 rectangular tables. Each round table has 3 chairs, and each rectangular table has 6 chairs. How many chairs are there in all?

5. The sum of two numbers is 9. Their product is 14. What are the two numbers?