September 6, 2010

Second Problems (September 6th to 13th)

1. There are 2 dozen books about our solar system and 66 about outer galaxies. The teachers in fourth grade want to divide them evenly among 6 groups of students. How many books does each group get?

2. Elliot can play the song "Fly Me to the Moon" on the piano in 5 minutes. He must practice this song for two hours. How many times can Elliot play the song during practice?

3. Carl spends $36 on gas for his boat each Saturday and another $42 each Sunday. How much does Carl spend in gas in 8 weeks.

4. The library received 17 boxes with 68 books each. 6 were sent back because they were broken. The Library had to equally distribute those books in 5 stores. How many books were sent to each store?

5. Complete the following pattern:          1,  4,  10,  22,  46, _____