September 15, 2010

Problems for September 20th to 27th

A little late, but still here they are!
1. There are three paintings on each of three walls of a room. If an art gallery has 7 such rooms, how many paintings are there in its collection?
2. Carl has two dozen donuts to give to his friends. His mom arrived and brought 26 more. How many donuts can Carl give to each of his 6 friends? Can he save some donuts to eat later?
3. There are 25 balloons in a a bag. There are 15 bags in one box. How many balloons are there in 10 boxes.

4. The school chorus has 108 members. How many rows of 12 members can be formed?
5. Complete the following pattern: 1, 9, 33, 105, 321, ____